John E. Budzinski

Nothing Special - Just A Life

Nothing Special - Just A Life

<span>Nothing Special - Just A Life:</span> Nothing Special - Just A Life<span>Nothing Special - Just A Life:</span> Nothing Special - Just A Life
Nothing Special - Just A LifeNothing Special - Just A Life
A 60-something year old looks back on life
By John E. Budzinski
Published by Outskirts Press
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Good stories are good stories, especially when they help you remember yours…

 What is the lead to your obituary? What epitaph gets chiseled on your gravestone that sums up your life? So many events and moments. So many stories. 

The most unexpected and refreshing part of his book is John E. Budzinski asks questions of the reader—and, he pauses and waits for the answers. Questions drive this book, right from the beginning, “What is the lead to your obituary?” and “What do you want written on your gravestone?” 

It is easy to tell stories, and many writers do. They present them in engaging and enlightening ways, allowing readers to relate. In Nothing Special, Budzinski does more. He tells the stories, but then asks you, the reader, what do you think? It is like he is sitting next to you, poking you in the side, waiting for a reply as he calls for one more round to make it to closing time.

Questions drive his book. He wonders, “Am I remembering correctly?” Can I tell the stories completely? None of the stories are that special or remarkable. They are standard fare, the same old stuff we’ve heard before. That's the point! We all live rather similar and straightforward lives. It is his commentary and the questions he asks that make it all more connected. The familiar keeps you comfortable. The eclectic collection makes sure you don’t stay too comfortable. We are in this together.

It is impossible to look back at 60+ years of living, and in 2-300 pages, condense it into relatable stories with meaning and significance. There is no explanation why anything shows up—Just like your life. Why did anything show up there? Was it Nothing Special—Just A Life, or is there more to your story…

Paperback | 260 pages | 6 x 9 | 978-1-9772-1175-0 | August 29, 2019