John E. Budzinski

Not That It Matters

Not That It Matters

but I thought I'd tell you anywqy
By John E. Budzinski
Published by BookLocker


Artificial intelligence. Running over pigeons. Squirrels. Blue Jays. Blind dates. Dinner. Stuck in traffic. Worn-out clothes. Having too much stuff. Politics. Education. Success. Ethics. The CIA. The Devil. Sidekicks. Butterflies. Playing the bagpipes. Alien first contact.

What do they have in common? Absolutely nothing—Nothing other than popping up in the bizarre and peculiar world of quirky writer John E. Budzinski, who wonders about them and has nothing better to do than to write about them.

Budzinski is an observer and a storyteller. His stories come from his fascination with life’s simple, mundane, and bizarre moments. Most people let such ordinary moments pass by quietly because they are too busy living to notice. Budzinski notices them and stops and ponders about them. He then pens words about them with a sardonic spin. For years, the whimsical Budzinski has written about them with wonder, amusement, puzzlement, and humor. His stories have appeared in the Boston Globe, Quincy Patriot Ledger, Worcester Telegram, Portsmouth Herald, Connecticut Post, Waterbury Republican-American, and Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, among others. He gathered a collection of those stories in this book.

Not that it matters, but none of it is all that special. Still, aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to know, anyway? After all, don’t you think about these things, too? Isn’t your world just as weird and strange?  

Budzinski’s world probably doesn’t matter much. But, just like you’re willing to tell us your stories, and we’re eager to listen, John E. Budzinski tells you about his world. Why? Because once you read his stories, you realize this. It does matter—to someone somewhere—Someone like you.

Paperback | 261 pages | $17.95 USD | 9X6 | 987-1-958889-85-5 | September 15, 2023