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John E Budzinski

John E. Budzinski grew up in the Lordship section of Stratford, Connecticut. He always loved stories – reading, hearing, and telling them. He always loved writing, though he did not pursue it with vigor until he tried to impress a college girlfriend’s father, who was News Editor of the local paper.
His writing takes shape from his mantra, “Good stories are good stories, especially when they help readers remember theirs.”

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, John E. Budzinski is an ardent traveler and accomplished photographer. He lives near Iowa City, IA, a UNESCO City of Literature.

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Life (and writing) Go On

Jun 12, 2019 by John E Budzinski

Writing is weird. I have been amid final edits to my book. I have spent time on my website and getting email set up and marketing aspects - lots of back office items

I have neglected a lot, including communicating with my publisher and other contacts. It's been two weeks. I will address that problem tomorrow.

I have to spend some time getting ready for a workshop this coming weekend at the University of Iowa Writers Festival. I need to schedule a few other sessions. I have been invited to two. It would be rude not to attend.

Then, I've started to work on my second book, again. I've already done work on it, including pretty much completing the end. It shows what you can do once you outline and layout a plan. I am learning experience make writers much more productive

Lost in a Stereotypical World

May 21, 2019 by John E Budzinski

It is unusual for me to head off to the airport and get on a non-stop flight to major cities. Most of the traveling I do by air takes me to smaller towns not reached with a direct flight from my home base in Iowa. So, unless I am heading off to Chicago, Detroit, Denver, or a few other cities, I spend a lot of time at these Hub airports. I sit there waiting to make connections for flights to my final destinations. 

How Far Have We Come?

May 12, 2019 by John E Budzinski
Did you ever wonder about who invented the odometer, and how travelers calculated distance traveled before its invention?