John E. Budzinski

Nothing Special - Just A Life: A 60-something year old looks back on life

 “… Budzinski’s personal stories resonate with grace, humor, dignity, and earned wisdom from a life well-lived.

Always amiable, proactive, and never preachy, the author is a charming writer who applies a smooth conversational tone to the generous anecdotal mementos he shares.

The author also contributes some favorite unique gifts he’s received and thought-provoking “life is strange” moments where interpersonal foibles make for humorous and intriguing reading.

A jovial, greatly contemplative and uplifting memoir comprising antidotes and apt memorization with an unmatched zest for life.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Budzinski brings his humorous, thought-provoking and answer-seeking style to this memoir. He writes in a friendly, conversational style. I enjoyed the tone and honesty of this book. I took delight in the many one-liners that John came up with as potential epitaphs to write on his or his readers’ gravestones. Some were quite humorous and many were quite apt. They shared the author’s take on how we react t the many things that happen during our lives." - OnlineBookClub,org