John E. Budzinski

Thank You, Supreme Court

Jul 04, 2024 by John E. Budzinski, in Culture

On this Independence Day, I want to take a few moments to say “Thank You” to the United States Supreme Court. All freedom-loving people welcome the court’s recent decision about presidential immunity, and we really can say, “Free at last, Free at last, that the court almighty we are finally free at last.”

The court said the justice system cannot prosecute the President (or someone who used to be President) for alleged misdeeds, “At least with respect to the President’s exercise of his core constitutional powers, this immunity must be absolute.” The justices also mentioned the President’s “Official” duties.

The court did not mention the Constitutional Provision of “equal protection under the law,” so I guess that still applies.

Why should we care about that? Well, it means the court’s decision on immunity applies to We The People, too. We have the same freedom to act in our official capacity as the President.

The only rule we have to follow is to make sure all our actions are within the scope of our official duties. Well, good lord. That ain’t no problem. Isn’t my whole life a part of my “official duties”—just living being an official act?

Of course it is!

Sheesh, this will be easy.

What kind of freedom do we now have? Well, I am now set free as a master of my world and all I see in it, and everything I want to be a part of my world. I can have it all. Yep, and it doesn’t matter how I go about protecting and preserving what I already possess (no matter how I came to acquire it all) or how I head off to get everything I desire.

So now, it’s okay for me to cheat, lie, steal, rob, badger, intimidate, bribe, insult, injure, maim, harm, harass, cajole, conspire, manipulate, and more. And, because I can get busy and not be in every place all the time, I can contract others to do all this on my behalf (so long as those acting on my behalf are acting in their “official capacity” as nogoodniks. That is simple enough to show for contract misdoers and anarchists, right?

We’re all home free.

We all have absolute immunity from prosecution in line with official actions and duties. As such, we all can do whatever we damn well please, and there ain’t no prosecutor, judge, or jury that can do anything about it. We are home free.

Wow! Ain’t freedom great. What a country!

So now the only things to consider in my actions are my values (yeah, right), ethics (society is constantly changing them, so who can keep up?), and societal expectations (they don’t even know me).

I’m not just home on the range, I am home free, and to this principle, I pledge your life, your fortune, and whatever damn personal sacred honor you decide to live by, because with the Supreme Court’s ruling, seemingly all about me and my official duties and rights, is all about me, baby, and in my “official” duties I plan on being dictator—for a day (or more, if you’re not looking).

Happy Independence Day!